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To ensure our guests a peaceful and secure stay in our apartments, have developed the following rules.

Regulations Apartments I.M.A.

The customer making the booking the apartment, at the same time accepts the present rules of procedure, which is an integral part of a rental contract apartment.

  1. Reservation of apartment can be:
    • by e mail – on line (the customer submits a reservation, the offer of available apartments sent to the email address given on the form. After confirmation of referral of our offer by the customer, the reservation is made).
    • by phone (during a conversation with an employee, call number + 48 608 537 526 or +48 61 8 525 500).
  2. Check In from 2 pm, check out to 12 noon. There is a possibility of an earlier report in consultation with the staff member Apartments I.M.A.
  3. The Keys to the apartment shall be provided directly by the company`s employee Apartments I.M.A a fixed location, at the time. If users can not reach the pre-determined time, it should immediately inform the employee Apartments I.M.A.
  4. The feeper stay is payable in advance on the day of arrival, on receipt of keys.
  5. Giving the keys on the day of departure shall be determined in the manner of an employee Apartments I.M.A.
  6. Guest is obliged to respect the principles of good neighborhood, including the quiet night hours (from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).
  7. Organizing social events is prohibited in the apartment. By organizing social events, prohibitive for other tenants, the company Apartments I.M.A may get a penalty of 200 Euro.
  8. Smoking at the corridor is forbidden.
  9. About any defectsarising in the apartment, Guest should immediately inform an employee Apartments I.M.A. For defects caused by the fault of the customer will be charged appropriate monetary compensation.
  10. In the case of lost keys from the apartment the Guest obliged to pay a fee of 20 Euro.
  11. In the case of lost remote from garage, the Guest obliged to pay a fee of 60 Euro.
  12. The number of people present in the apartment is limited to the number reported in the Reservation. If the number of people is greater than that given in the book Apartments I.M.A may require additional charges.
  13. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances, Apartments I.M.A reserves the right to change the booked apartment to another with the same class or higher, and in the absence of a free apartment to cancel the reservation.
  14. The personal date provided to us s by clients will be be used only for reservations and will not released to third parties.