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Attractions Poznan


Poznan - one of the oldest and largest Polish cities, located along the rivers Warta and Cybina, Lakeland Wielkopolski. The capital of Wielkopolska and Wielkopolska province. Within the city there is a large road and rail junction and an international airport Shoal. 

Nowadays Poznań is a large economic, academic and scientific culture. Large center of industry and services, place the oldest and largest in Poland, the annual International Fair. In the Old Market you can find a gem of Renaissance architecture, city hall.

Another monument of similar value is Poznań parish and other objects of the former Jesuit complex. On the hill above the Old Market is dominated by the Royal Castle with a part of the ramparts.

The oldest part of the city is the Cathedral Island, which formerly one of the power centers of the Polish state. There is the oldest cathedral in the country which is the burial place of the first Polish rulers and the alleged place of the baptism of Polish, the remains of the ducal palace in the tenth century, along with discovered by archaeologists in spring 2006. Dąbrówki chapel. 

The place is often visited by tourists is the street Półwiejska with a large number of restaurants and klepów, which features the Old Brewery recognized by the international ICSC Foundation for "the most beautiful shopping center in the world". 

Attraction complete numerous churches, palaces and castles, as well as the monumental buildings of the Imperial Quarter, including the most important Imperial Castle. For those seeking to commune with nature, its doors open two zoos, botanical gardens, palm house, and historic parks.